5 Steps to Implementing Measurements In Your Business

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Author: Nicole Parmar A measurement strategy is a plan that a business uses to organize all of their goals and the ways they will measure their progress towards those goals. Typically, the measurement strategy begins with a very broad goal … Read More

Adapt or Die With A.I

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We’ve all heard about A.I. (artificial intelligence) and how it’s on the rise. With parallels made to how computers revolutionized the way we do work,  A.I. and machine learning are headed in the same direction – optimizing many tasks carried … Read More

How Do Realtors Survive In A Soft Market?

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The United States alone lost more than 2.6 million jobs in 2008. Meanwhile, Canada’s economy experienced a delayed effect, with some months of the year even seeing job growth. For as long as possible, the markets tried to hold on. … Read More

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