Is Digital Marketing Dying

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Has the time has finally come? Everything we know about marketing and advertising is going to change.   Whats Changing? New solutions. New technology. Artificial intelligence. All of these are going to effectively mark the end of how we digitally … Read More

Alexa’s New Feature and What it Means for Email Marketers.

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Amazon announced several new features for its voice assisted speaker Alexa. For email marketers, the most pertinent feature was Alexa’s new ability to read emails aloud to their owners. According to reports, Alexa is now able to sync with Google … Read More

Structured Snippet Extensions in Google Ads

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What are Structured Snippet Extensions? Google has recently rolled out a new structured snippets ad extension. Structured snippets are text that appears in your ad on the Google search page. The extension shows under your ad copy, and above any … Read More

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