Industry Implications of the RE/MAX -Redfin Partnership Termination

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Is the abrupt end to the RE/MAX-Redfin Partnership foreshadowing some major changes and conflicts that will be affecting the real estate industry? Realtors need to stay up to date with technology. They have to educate themselves with marketing. They need … Read More

When Good Companies Go Wrong – Tik Tok

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When Companies Take A Wrong Turn … It’s every developer or startup’s worst nightmare.   After the launch, things go viral. Everyone loves the application, it gets big, and money starts pouring in. Then an update is performed, and everyone turns … Read More

What is Performance Marketing and how is it Different from Digital Marketing?

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Performance marketing is a relatively new term in the marketing world. In a nutshell, performance marketing is where an advertiser pays only for the results attained, and for nothing else.   Performance marketing has successfully reversed the traditional value proposition … Read More

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