A.I Tools For Marketers

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Here’s a summary of key areas and tools marketers should be exploring:

Content Creation:

  • Jasper AI: Generate blog posts, ad copy, social media captions, and more.
  • Rytr: Write different content types with AI assistance, including scripts, emails, and website copy.
  • Surfer SEO: Optimize content for search engines while maintaining readability.

Social Media Management:

  • Hootsuite: Schedule posts, monitor social media activity, and analyze performance across platforms.
  • Later: Manage Instagram and Pinterest content, schedule posts, and track analytics.
  • Chatfuel: Build chatbots for engaging with customers on Facebook Messenger and other platforms.

Design and Video:

  • Lexica Art: Create AI-powered blog post thumbnails and other visual content.
  • InVideo: Edit videos and create engaging social media content easily.
  • DALL-E 2: Generate realistic images from text descriptions.

Analytics and Optimization:

  • Similarweb: Analyze competitor websites and track audience insights.
  • Hotjar: Understand user behavior on your website through heatmaps and session recordings.
  • Albert.ai: Optimize your online advertising campaigns using AI.


  • Consider your specific needs and budget when choosing tools.
  • Don’t rely solely on AI; combine it with your creativity and expertise.
  • Start small and experiment with different tools to find the best fit for you.