MDRT Presentation – HyperPersonalization

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I had the privilege of being able to talk to the MDRT team about hyper-personalization and how it could and should be used in the finance sector.

Here is a snippet of that article:

Here are a few easy steps to get started down the hyper-personalization path.

Step 1:

Set goals and key performance indicators. If you do an overview of your company, you should soon realize what works well for you and who you’re doing an amazing job communicating with. Also, though, look at areas where you want to improve. One way to do this is through research and information gathering by surveying clients and team members. Once you have your information and your baselines, set monthly or quarterly goals to acquire new clients or close deals.

Step 2:

Use your data to create a strategy. This means you should start thinking about how to automate everything in your business. This includes all the cards you send to clients, such as for birthdays, new babies, graduations, congrats on the new business and condolences.

Also, look at automating information such as reporting, educational pieces and accounting. Your strategy for automating and improving the client experience needs to be hyper-focused and hyper-tailored for your specific clients and their wants.

Step 3:

Implement tools and technology. These tools are usually packaged together and include a CRM, an email marketing platform and a sales strategy system. Some of these tools can include Salesforce, Zoho, Wealthbox and HubSpot, but there are many more.

For the rest of the article and for more great advice re: financing – head to The MDRT Blog.