Marketing Forecasting & Predictions – Enhanced with A.I

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By Nicole Parmar

One of the most straight-forward marketing applications of business intelligence data lies in its ability to aid in predictions, a capability much enhanced by developments in artificial intelligence (A.I).

A.I is at the core of marketing automation, powered by machine learning and big data. Through in-depth analysis, modeling, and machine learning – A.I is quickly proving its worth when it comes to helping marketing teams optimize their efforts and boost their return on marketing investments.


Why Use A.I?

Being able to predict the success of an email campaign or marketing initiative can help companies continuously improve their marketing efforts, whether they use in display, text, video, or even direct mail advertising methods.

Buying/selling ads typically require some level of guesswork, with many companies pulling more from unproven notions than from real-world data. The implementation of A.I would empower more businesses to use the latter, equating to better targeting and, in turn, better business results.

The number one thing working in A.I’s favor is that machines can sort data and be trained much more quickly than people. Plus, there’s no room for human error when a machine is doing the work.

Because of the (generally) high volume and quantifiable nature of marketing data (clicks, views, time-on-page, purchases, email responses, etc.), models can often be trained much more quickly using marketing data than with other information.

Add to this better assessment tools powered by A.I and predictive success of campaigns and it’s easy to see why it’s taking over the world of marketing.


Who To Watch

Names like Rapidminer, Birst, Sisense, and others are aiming to become industry standards for business intelligence and predictions, and they are certainly among the top companies to watch in this field.


#1 Rapidminer

Developed by RapidMiner, this data science software platform aims to provide an integrated interface where businesses can take advantage of data preparation, machine learning, deep learning, text mining, and predictive analytics.


#2 Birst

Built in the cloud and powered by artificial intelligence, Birst is designed to help companies take control of their analytics and share data with ease across team members. Business intelligence and reporting tools enable any business to optimize their marketing with Birst.


#3 Sisense

Sisense leads the industry for Business Intelligence. Helping companies manage the most complex data in a simplistic, intuitive way, Sisense is allowing businesses to prepare, analyze, and explore their growing data sets from across multiple sources.


What’s Next?

At the end of the day, technology is moving at a rate faster than any market can learn, and that’s why A.I is important to master and implement.

A.I will greatly support marketing, and many marketing roles today may run obsolete in the future as A.I enabled tools take over. For example, programmatic advertising is already doing a better job than humans used to do. I’ve been doing this for 7 years and feel pretty proficient at my craft, but programmatic would easily beat me out!

The use of A.I is quickly becoming mainstream simply because of how much faster and more streamlined it can make a business. No more human error, redundancy, or delay. A.I is becoming the go-to tool for marketing and countless other processes.