The New Google Adwords

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The New Google Adwords is rolled out and you can no longer switch back to the old platform.

By Nicole Parmar


The latest Google Adwords updates have a big impact on marketers. Learn more about the changes below.


Parallel Tracking

Wondering why parallel tracking matters? You’re not alone. Parallel tracking is a common method used to keep track of an ad campaign’s performance. Basically, it’s a method in which a landing page URL is loaded separately from the ad’s tracking URL.

The tracking URL will load in the browser’s background, and that will make the landing page load more quickly for the visitor. With older tracking methods, a user that clicked on an ad would be taken through more than one redirect so that their click could be tracked.

Obviously, the older method led to a slow-loading landing page due to all of these redirects. That makes parallel tracking an obvious improvement. However, if you have not already setup parallel tracking for your campaigns, your ads may not be tracking.

To set it up, you’ll want to go into Google Adwords and head to the “All campaigns” page. In the menu to the left, click on “Settings” and then go to “Account Settings”. In the Tracking section, turn Parallel tracking to on.

It’s that simple, now your campaigns will begin using the new and improved parallel tracking method. It may sound like a simple update, but it is a change that will make a positive impact on user experience–especially with users growing more and more expectant of a fast-loading website these days.



What’s Next?

There have been multiple changes to the Google Adwords interface that marketers should see as a very positive update. These include:

AdWords will be deactivating all non-spending accounts. Any account that has not spent money in the past 15 months will be deactivated, so be sure to check your activity. They began implementing this automatic deactivation for inactivity back in May.
The Notes feature, which enables users to create notes from the report table, the performance graph, or the notes panel. This allows advertisers to keep track of thoughts with ease.

Google Adwords is now linked to the Google Optimize platform. This allows advertisers even more testing abilities than ever before, which helps users put out more optimized ad campaigns.

All in all, these updates are very positive but there are a few kinks to work out with the new Google Adwords interface. Let us know if you need help with your account.