Why It’s Time for Search Engine Marketers to Become Video Marketers

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When used correctly, digital video can be one of the most effective forms of online marketing. Anyone who is using video gets it. 

YouTube is the world’s leading video platform and the second largest search engine. That means an advertiser on YouTube could target just about any demographic. This results in the ability to have a direct channel to build a relationship with them.

Deloitte even claims that the average internet user will spend around 15 hours watching videos online each and every week. That means a business has the chance to reach literally billions of people through the use of a nearly universal type of content. It’s no wonder 81% of businesses are using it.


Why Video?

Unlike social media, where people mainly venture to in order to connect with friends and family, video platforms like YouTube represent a large amount of search intent.

For instance, more than 70% of millennials use YouTube when they want to learn more about something, whether it’s a product or something entirely different.

Google and Facebook, two leading advertising platforms, have recognized the power in video. Because of statistics like this they have begun putting so much effort into creating more video-related marketing tools.


Utilize An Array of Metrics

From tracking the average drop-off point of your ad to seeing just how many people sit through to the end, video advertising has a long list of metrics that could be valuable to your campaign.

Most of all, however, businesses are going to be asking one question: How can I track my return on investment?

The process differs from that of search advertising and requires marketers to rethink their old ways a little bit. With search ads, clicks are usually the main metric you look for to figure out a customer’s intentions. However, an ad doesn’t require a click to be effective–and that’s especially true when it comes to video.

If a user watches your ad on YouTube and later that night decides to look up your brand and buy, that’s what’s known as a “view-through conversion” and it’s important that you track it. If you fail to track such events, your ROI will not be accurate.


Make Video a Part of Your Strategy

Video has proven itself as a serious staple in advertising strategy for companies big and small. It’s important that you realize its benefits and make an effort to utilize it as part of your marketing.

Not only is video able to connect and engage in ways that text and images can’t, it also gives you the most “bang for your buck”. When it comes to getting information across in a manner that fits with your brand and is truly understood by the person watching.