Be A Marketing Maven

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If you think about it, marketing is at the core of the success of businesses. Without marketing, there are no customers, and no customers mean no revenue. But how does marketing stay relevant in a world that is constantly changing and becoming ever more connected?

The answer lies within Innovation.

Innovation is King

This is not just a buzzword that applies to grand technological breakthroughs; it’s equally as important for marketing. Within marketing, innovation can be thought of as constant attention and readjustment, from the overall marketing strategy to the individual campaigns to attract and convert your target audience into customers.

Some of the latest trends in marketing have been focused on the large amount of data that is being captured about potential customers. Data is great, but you also need insight. What does this data mean? How can it be best leveraged?

Rise of the Hyper-Personalized Experience

In 2018, we’ve seen the rise of personalization. With effective analysis and insight, you can transform this data into a truly personalized experience for each segment of your audience. This improved way of reaching users is more likely to translate into conversions and, hopefully, sales.

However, without the proper tools, it will be hard to deliver this sort of customization in a cost-effective manner, on a large scale. It becomes even more complicated when you consider the ephemeral nature of digital advertising. What’s a trend today may be gone tomorrow. What’s a marketer to do?

Be a Marketing Maven

In a world where you never know what changes Google might make to its algorithm or what new way Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize marketing, marketers need to be the mavens – or trendsetters and leaders – in their organizations.

Given these unknowns and the speed of change, marketers need to feel empowered to make decisions much more swiftly than has historically been the case. They need to be trusted to drive outreach and change continually readjust strategies in order to keep up with technology and stay relevant.

Change Company Culture

This paradigm shift of recognizing the importance of marketing may require a change in culture. Transforming culture is never easy, but here are a few recommendations that can help marketers make their case:

  • Collaborate with IT department to ensure you have access to the latest technology in your industry
  • Use data insights to show improved conversion rates and higher sales when marketers are empowered to tweak campaigns
  • Share thought leadership with key decision makers that highlight the importance of integrating technology and marketing

As you prove yourself to be a marketing maven, you’ll be given more autonomy to take your organization to the next level of success.