Structured Snippet Extensions in Google Ads

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What are Structured Snippet Extensions?

Google has recently rolled out a new structured snippets ad extension. Structured snippets are text that appears in your ad on the Google search page. The extension shows under your ad copy, and above any sitelinks.


This section of metadata allows you to highlight specific aspects of the product or service you are advertising, and provide further context about them to inform viewers. You can choose two category headers for your ad, and Google’s Ads API’s algorithm will decide the best header combinations to show.


This version gives more control than the previous Dynamic Structured Snippets, which provided automatically generated headings based on your site’s content categories. Now, you can match your text to a list of categories, which include Amenities, Brands, Destinations, Models, and Styles.

Examples of Structured Snippet Extensions




Why Use Structured Snippet Extensions?

Businesses and PPC marketers are already experiencing improved success from using the new extension feature. A recent case study of Vodafone showed that the company experienced a 100% increased click-through rate from using structured snippets in Google Adwords.


While Google Ads does offer other ad extensions such as sitelink and location extensions, the structured snippets provide more information for the searcher, and give you the chance to creatively present the content and copy that best represents your brand on search ads.


Other advantages include an increase in your ad space and relevancy. Which likely leads to a boost in click-through rate and Quality Score. Snippet extensions show alongside any other extensions you may have live on your ad, and can be added on an account level.


Adding the extension feature allows your ad to take up more space on the screen than otherwise, making your ad more prominent and increasing your SERP (search engine results page) ranking.


How to Set Up a Structured Snippet Extension in Google Ads

  1. Once you have logged onto your account, click the Ads & Extensions tab on the top left corner, which will lead you to the Extensions tab.


  1. From the drop-down menu, choose the Structured Snippet Extension option, and choose between campaign, account, or ad group. You will then be brought to the section pictured below, and can begin filling in and customizing a new structured snippet.


  1. Choosing the Headers and the Values is the next step. Google provides a full list of the headers available on their Ad Help website. Once you’ve chosen your category, you can select a minimum of 3 values, which represent a list of featured products and services you would like to highlight. Keep in mind that each snippet has a 25 character limit – 12 characters works best for mobile.


  1. Click Save, and your ad snippets are ready!


Structured Snippet Extension for old Adwords Interface

If you are using the old Adwords interface, you can still set up a structured snippet extension.


Starting from your home dashboard, select the campaign you wish to add the extension to. Next, select the Ad Extension tab, and click the drop-down menu view, followed by Structured Snippet Extension option. Next, click the Extension button, before scrolling down to Add New Extension. Choose the correct header out of the 12 selections, fill out the details as needed, and press Save.


To make sure your extension snippet has gone live, click on the group in the box. Once the group appears on the right of the screen, it means the ad has gone live. Don’t forget to check that you have added all the other possible ad extensions to boost your campaign’s success!